Healing your body and soul with crystals and hypnosis

Quell Your Anxiety, Fears and Phobias with Crystal Hypnotherapy

Quell Your Anxiety, Fears and Phobias with Crystal Hypnotherapy

Most of us live with fear in some form or another. We all have anxieties and even phobias. Just a few common examples out of the thousands that exist are:

Social Anxiety – Anthropophobia

Fear of Flying – Aerophobia

Fear of Insects – Entomophobia

Fear of Heights – Acrophobia

Fear of Death – Necrophobia

Fear of Enclosed Spaces – Claustrophobia

Fear of Public Speaking – Glossophobia

Fear of Germs or Contamination – Mysophobia

Fear of infection – Molysmophobia

Fear of Everything – Agoraphobia

These irrational fears trap and bind us hindering total self-growth and can even be tremendously embarrassing in front of friends, family and colleagues.

But there is good news! These phobias and fears are all rooted inside our minds and through proper application of hypnosis, paired with the right crystals, we can easily overcome and free our minds – and thereby ourselves – from these terrible burdens.

Fire Agate

This calming stone can offer protection, calming fears and subduing emotions that seek to control us and not the other way around.

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A powerful crystal that has been used for centuries to reduce fear and anxiety of all kinds.

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A very popular crystal healing tool for those suffering from fears about the mounting weight of responsibility that comes along with living a full and joyous life. Calming and soothing, this stone reduces fear and is associated with a calmness that provides confidence.

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This is sometimes called “the true worry stone” as it attacks the nervousness that underlies most phobias.

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Rose Quartz

This beautiful rock embodies the very essence of the love vibration, which is the opposite of the fear vibration in every way. Feel the calming, loving, kindness and compassion well-up inside you when you utilize this magnificent crystal.

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Green Calcite

An interesting choice for calming phobias and anxiety, this unique crystal can be used to overcome wrong beliefs. Dismantling phobias at their foundation by helping us see the truth.

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Used by the ancients to prevent fear and insecurity it was believed many royals would keep this crystal around or even use in the construction of their royal throne rooms.

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A great crystal to use in the evening, it has the ability to prevent fear from entering our dream states – thus eliminating those phobia nightmares once and for all.

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This is a must have stone for anyone fighting phobia and fear on a daily basis. It works on the deepest level to help the wearer transcend their deepest and darkest fears.

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This commanding crystal works to erase past traumas, helping to eliminate our most deeply rooted fears.

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The fear of tomorrow, what’s to come the next day and beyond can be managed and controlled utilizing this beautiful crystal. Fear of the future will be a thing of the past with this stone in your arsenal.

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Long used to alleviate fears and worries of all kinds this is a must have crystal for those suffering from life-crippling phobias.

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Rutilated Quartz

Focused on removing limitations, this crystal provides mental relief from the most nagging and reoccurring fears and stresses.

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Used to rid the body and mind of guilt and irrational guilty feelings, this influential stone is a powerful addition to your arsenal against your fear.

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Before You Go!

Pairing the power of these commanding crystals with proven hypnosis techniques will truly unlock your inner power and bring balance and health to your mind and life. If you are unsure or unable to work with a licensed hypnotherapist check out these affordable alternatives we highly recommend!