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Lose Weight with Crystal Hypnotherapy

Lose Weight with Crystal Hypnotherapy

The perpetual push and pull of gaining and losing weight can have a tremendously negative impact on both your mental state and physical and etheric bodies.

  • Are you tired of walking miles and spending hours in the gym to try to eradicate stubborn fat?
  • Do you struggle with the restrictive and often, downright cruel, diet programs and schedules?
  • Have you wasted hundreds or even thousands of dollars on workout machines, programs, and gimmicks just to gain the weight back again?

It’s time to try something new! A holistic method like crystal hypnotherapy is all natural and allows your mind, body and entire being to banish those unwanted pounds for eternity.

Obesity can not solely be attributed to bad eating habits or bad genes. We can’t only focus on its physical and social harms. The issue is deeper, much deeper. Issues of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) can lead to irresistible cravings for certain foods. Obesity may also find its roots in negative emotional baggage from this, or past, lives and can be a very self-protective tendency of the subconscious. Crystal hypnotherapy can help you address all of these issues and more.

Crystals in the Fight for Weight Loss

Blue Apatite

Well known for its hunger suppressing qualities, this is a powerful stone that can quell your cravings for unhealthy foods. The vibration of this crystal is also associated with a sense of clarity in terms of wants and desires. This can help increase determination if weight loss is your true goal!

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Diets do not have to be cruel and unusual and they are, by far, the most effective tool in your weight loss toolbox. It’s been proven that the toxins and chemicals used in unhealthy food choices stay in the body and produce cravings for more of the same, ultimately leading to weight gain. The vibrations of this stone signal the body to enter a powerful detoxification process, which can be the beginning of a healthy lifestyle once the overpowering urge to splurge on unhealthy foods has been alleviated.

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Sometimes certain body areas just refuse to give up their fat deposits. This is where the vibration of lolite can save the day! This beautiful violet-blue crystal induces the body to release toxins, especially those found in long-held fatty deposits. This is also a powerful anti-addiction stone so it is a must have in your crystal hypnotherapy bag.

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Clear Quartz

One of the many different iteration of this multifaceted stone, clear quartz is known for its transparency and one of the most important stones in all of crystal healing and crystal hypnotherapy. Specifically, for weight control and weight loss, this beautifully simple rock helps aid in making healthy food choices. The vibrations through this clear crystal help a person see what is often difficult to see or is obscured from us in some way.

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Rose Quartz

The soothing and calming vibration emitted by this light-colored crystal is a must for those in the thralls of weight-loss battle. The process is slow and takes time and its easy to become irritated, frustrated and just plain worn down. The inner peace this crystal helps you feel is invaluable to the crystal hypnotherapy journey to lose weight.

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Aptly named after the source of all light- and in fact everything that exists – on earth, the sunstone is believed to help a person pull away from negative situations and emotions. Effectively sending a ray of light into the darkness to pull you towards your goal of losing weight and away from the downer thoughts that can lead to binge eating and feelings of hopelessness.

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Red Tiger’s Eye

A remarkably beautiful stone, named for its resemblance to the eye of a tiger, provides you with boundless energy to attack and shed those excessive pounds. The motivation this stone can offer will enhance self-confidence and self-esteem and catapult you towards your body goals.

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Called one of the most beautiful crystals on earth, and a mainstay in almost all styles of jewelry, this is a powerful healing and anti-addiction stone. Its rejuvenating vibrations boost your inner strength. Interestingly, this stone is also known to reduce bloating which, as anyone who struggles with weight knows, can be a menace.

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Before You Go!

Pairing the power of these commanding crystals with proven hypnosis techniques will truly unlock your inner power and bring balance and health to your mind and life. If you are unsure or unable to work with a licensed hypnotherapist check out these affordable alternatives we highly recommend!