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Quit Smoking with Crystal Hypnotherapy

Quit Smoking with Crystal Hypnotherapy

Finally, it’s time to cut-down and sever ties with that unhealthy dependence on tobacco! You can quit smoking, and crystal hypnotherapy can help. Desire is the first step, but have you grown tired of:

  • trying to quit smoking by sheer will to kill the urges?
  • broken resolutions?
  • vapes, nicotine patches and other gimmicks?

A difficult addiction to kick, tobacco smoking is a terrible disease that can literally suck the good life out of you. Using crystal by combining effective anti-smoking hypnosis and the right crystals, you will quit smoking and also fill the void that you previously tried filling with nicotine and tar.

Aquatic Agate

Renowned for millennia for influencing the crown chakra and eliminating addictions, aquatic agate also puts a definite stop to overall self-harming behaviors, like smoking, and other addictions. This stone is also a stress-killer, aquatic agate tunes into repressed emotional traumas, in order to relieve the base cause of the addiction and uproot this nasty habit from your life once and for all.

Snowflake Obsidian

This soft stone is famous for its ability to calm the wearer from the inside, keeping smoking cravings and that nagging need for tobacco at bay. It is also known for its powerful rejuvenation properties that help to heal the body from the effects of smoking and helps to resolve underlying emotional triggers.


A powerful divinity crystal, labradorite helps reduce withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal is the worst and the nervous craving signals a return to the cigarette habit for many would-be-quitters. Best used to focus your crown chakra as a part of your crystal grid, this crystal is also quite helpful in reducing cravings and withdrawal from alcohol and the desire to binge on smoking during drinking.


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This is a healing crystal that focuses on new beginnings. This makes it a quintessential stone for rehabilitating addicts of all types, including smoking addiction. Peridot helps to curb cravings and can raise your awareness during situations that are ripe for relapse. Known as a powerful manifestation crystal, this therapeutic stone can help replace addictions with creative thoughts.


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This is an important crystal and should be a part of every healing ritual in some way. It is revered as the “master healer” throughout ancient history. When used regularly, it helps transform addictions, channeling the energy into productivity and joy.


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A very popular crystal among those seeking to stop alcohol addiction. This healing crystal has many important traits from grounding the wearer to powerful manifestation properties.

Before You Go!

Pairing the power of these commanding crystals with proven hypnosis techniques will truly unlock your inner power and bring balance and health to your mind and life. If you are unsure or unable to work with a licensed hypnotherapist check out these affordable alternatives we highly recommend!

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