Healing your body and soul with crystals and hypnosis

Relieve and Manage Pain with Crystal Hypnotherapy

Relieve and Manage Pain with Crystal Hypnotherapy

Do you suffer from:

  • Knee and joint pain?
  • Frozen shoulder?
  • Cervical Pain?
  • Back Pain?
  • Swelling and Painful Joint?
  • General Pain?

Eventually conventional medicine comes to the end of its reach and people either become slaves to pain medication regimens, or worse, full blown addicts. Even undiagnosed general pain can ruin your everyday life and be embarrassing in front of friends and colleagues. But, don’t give up hope! Crystal Hypnotherapy could be the missing piece you’ve been looking for.

Pain is the body’s way of warning us about problems and disorders in the body. The brain is letting us know that something is wrong. Through the subconscious, the brain is the intermediary between the soul/astral body and the physical body. So undiagnosed pain, which can be embarrassing and make you look like a faker or con artist to doctors, friends and family are really early signs, from the astral body, of an issue. The reality is, all of the above ailments – through the vibrations and access to the subconscious provided by crystal hypnotherapy – can be attacked and ousted by their root cause. Just look at the power of hypnosis as people have undergone major surgeries using hypnosis as an alternative to chemical anesthesia (hypno-anesthesia).

We start by detaching from the pain and then work to reduce and eliminate it altogether.


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The “master healer” crystal should be the first weapon in your arsenal against any pain. The universally uplifting vibrations of this stone have been known to be effective since ancient times.


A particularly helpful stone for those suffering from chronic headaches and migraines. It can also reduce the pains from withdrawal symptoms for those suffering from the pains of addiction.

Chrysocolla and Copper

When used in conjunction, these stones can be extremely effective for those suffering from arthritic and rheumatic joint pains.

Chrysocolla, Ruby, Moonstone, Kunzite and Jade

Menstrual cramps and associated pains can be alleviated by a combination of these stones and crystal hypnotherapy techniques.


Create a simple dioptase elixir by simply placing a crystal in a covered glass of water overnight. Drink the elixir during the day for extended pain relief.

Citrine, Dioptase and Boji Stone

These crystals are particularly helpful with post-operative pain when used with powerful crystal hypnotherapy methods.

Cobaltoan Calcite

Calcite crystals are known to help with emotional pain, and cobaltoan even more so!

Obsidian & Muscovite

These powerful stones are also essential in the fight against emotional pain. (LINK TO DEPRESSION PAGE)

Rose Quartz, Aragonite and Charoite

These three powerful crystals, placed in a proper Crystal Grid, and used in concert with hypnotherapy, can work wonders with general aches and everyday pains.


Aptly named, the vibrations of this stone has been described as bringing angelic relief to any and all physical pains.

Selenite and Lingham

Say goodbye to back pain for good!

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Pairing the power of these commanding crystals with proven hypnosis techniques will truly unlock your inner power and bring balance and health to your mind and life. If you are unsure or unable to work with a licensed hypnotherapist check out these affordable alternatives we highly recommend!