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Treat Insomnia with Crystal Hypnotherapy

Treat Insomnia with Crystal Hypnotherapy

Being as the average human sleeps 6-7 hours a day, roughly one-third of our time on this Earth, it is a tremendously important part of life. During healthy sleep:

  • Muscular tension is relaxed
  • Cell tissue is repaired/renewed
  • Hormonal imbalances and the needs of the physical body are neutralized
  • Mental and emotional conflicts are relegated to and resolved by the subconscious

Healthy sleep is clearly vital!! The lack of sleep can be downright dangerous.

  • Lack of focus and attention
  • Inability to process concepts or remember anything
  • Lack of energy and stamina
  • Mounting unreleased emotional stress

Using pills, tranquilizers, drugs and alcohol is a temporary insomnia fix that ends of having disastrous side effects.

Hypnos is the Greek word for sleep. So crystal hypnotherapy is the very science of sleep. No other methods work as naturally or as completely to root out the foundational cause of your sleeplessness.


A staple in our recommendation wheelhouse, this powerful stone calms the mind and clears blockages to peace and serenity. In the case of insomnia, where the mind feels overactive and restless, this calmness can aid in falling and staying asleep throughout the night.

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This is one of the most powerful crystals to combat insomnia. Surrounding the body with protective energy while you sleep, this stone cleanses and rejuvenates your aura. You will wake feeling rested and more relaxed and confident to take on the day. It also cleanses and reactivates any crystal that it touches, making Selenite an essential stone for any insomnia crystal grid during crystal hypnotherapy and even kept under the pillow during the night!

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This popular stone promotes inner peace, vibrating in an angelic rhythm. This gentle energy is perfect to clear the mind and fall asleep easily. It can also help with dream recall in the morning!

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Stopping obsessive thoughts, to foster sound soothing sleep, is the vibrational strength of this powerful healing crystal. It works by filtering out external distractions and disturbances.

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This spiritual stone connects to the heart and crown chakras and can assist in lucid dreaming when applied with the proper crystal hypnotherapy techniques!

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This stone has long been lauded for its connection to lunar energy and also encourages lucid dreaming. It is helpful when needing to balance the emotions of the mind and create harmony to ease us into peaceful and restful sleep.

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Jade is well known as a “Dream Stone.” Once you are achieving sleep and overcome insomnia, this stone can provide insightful dreams and enhance dream wisdom.

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Dalmatian Jasper

This stone also contains black tourmaline (LINK) and removes negative energy and replaces it with positive energy. This grounding stone can be extremely useful in getting rid of nightmares and settling your energy while you sleep.

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Quartz Crystal

This all-around useful crystal can help you achieve pleasant dreams and it can also be used to magnify the vibrations of any crystal that touches it!

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Before You Go!

Pairing the power of these commanding crystals with proven hypnosis techniques will truly unlock your inner power and bring balance and health to your mind and life. If you are unsure or unable to work with a licensed hypnotherapist check out these affordable alternatives we highly recommend!